Unexpected – surprise

Where do I even begin. You bunch of sly and sneaky friends. I do not even know whether I hate you or love you now. Kidding I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

I seriously cannot believe that you all came up with such a screwed up plan that involved me crying (xiao di you just too much). But it is okay. I forgive all of you. The dinner and company made up for it.

To cut the long story, you horrible people made fatty ask me out two days before only to ditch me this afternoon. Which made me horrible upset and angry because I was really looking forward to meeting him. I was so angry I started ranting to everyone and anyone I could get my hands on. Not to mention that I ended up crying at Serangoon Central Macs. Trust me, it was very embarrassing. I was super angry that my face was perpetually back during the whole of tuition and I spent the bulk of tuition complaining to the kukuhead.

And guess what, all that lies were just part of a plan to surprise me. They got the kukuhead to drag me all the way down to Swee Choon and order food. Suddenly, the other three jokers appeared. I honestly felt like taking a parang and chop all of you up. Nice scam guys. Nice scam.

Thank you so much for the surprise. As much as I am super pissed at you all for cheating me and getting me worked up for nothing, I am really super touched all of you took time off to celebrate my birthday. I know it is block test period so sorry for stealing your study time. I will definitely remember this birthday (or advance birthday celebration rather). I really appreciate everything that you guys did for me, do for me and will do for me. So touched that I want to cry now. (Fatty I need you chest now, kidding.) So thankful for you all and I will never trade you all for anything. Love you all from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to more years of fun and laughter!

Just some individual word of thanks for you guys.

To my lovely kukuhead who has been through thick and thin with me for as long as I can remember. Thank you for planning and organizing this surprise. Stealing fatty’s number from my phone and having and private group chat without me. So exclusive. Regardless, I am really thankful for having you in my life. Listening to all my rants and giving me encouragement and support, especially during the start of last year. Thanks for being my spastic partner. I always love it when we go on full retard mode and make a fool out of ourselves. From the bottom of my heart, I love you to bits!

To the oh so very demure girl whom I go on lunch dates with very Wednesday. I cannot believe you agreed to their stupid plan. I thought you were more sensible. Kidding. So glad we got closer ever since we entered jc. I really appreciate how you always talk to me and cheer me up when I am feeling down. Grateful to have you in the same school. Super glad for you that you are drama free this year (that means no excuse for not studying). Hope things stay this way throughout the entire year. I love you loads. On a side note, can you get a boyfriend soon and stop rejecting all the poor guys? (Wink.)

To the small kid who is currently ill and just went for a blood test. Can you please take care of yourself! Stop falling ill! If only I could transfer some my immunity to you. Anyway, so sad you could not come yesterday. I miss you so much. I have cravings for you. (That was just to make you awkward and cringe.) Thanks for your constant encouragements and prep talks you give me all the time. I know I always say you are retarded and weird but you will always be that special friend who I do stupid things with (like eating Macs breakfast at 5am on a school day). So glad to have you as my neighbour and I really love those random impromptu midnight walks or supper dates. Get well soon and I love you many many!

To the auntie who I have known since lower secondary. Why you no come too? Please get well soon. So thankful for all the impromptu heart to heart talks we have when I see you around in school. You have honestly grown to become more sensible and understanding (and ladylike I hope). I know I always ship you with you know who but I honestly honestly, from the bottom of my heart, hope that you will find someone you can really rely on and trust. Every since you came to jc, you have a lot more burdens and things on your mind. I hope that you can find someone to share those weights with you so you will not stress out. And do not worry about your studies. Your hard work will pay off! I love you from the bottom of my heart!

To the xiao di. To be honest, I really miss spending time with you and having those heart to heart talks. Just because someone is too busy with someone else, no time for me now. Kidding. I shall ask you out on a date soon and spend some quality time with you. Thanks for being that overly pragmatic and realistic brother who always tells me the cold hard truth in my face. As painful as it always is, I do appreciate your honesty. And I hate to admit that you are, well, usually right. (And then I feel really bad afterwards.) Oh, but really, I REALLY hate you for perpetually making me feel awkward and embarrassing me in front of everybody. Spare me please, people here very shy. Anyway, I hope you will continue to pursue ultimate and excel in it! And please go study more! I wanted to say I love you but then I figured it is not me you want to hear it from. (Jusssss.)

To my fatty. Honestly, the past two months with you have been insane. (I told you I am quite a handful.) From all the tiny squabbles over nothing to all those good laughs we had. I really enjoyed them all. Thanks for always convincing me to hang on and not give up on anything. And thank you for not giving up on me. I know I really have not been giving you as much as I could have or would like to but I hope that you know you still mean the world to me. But really, do not worry, every little thing is going to be alright. I hope that you will continue to play ultimate and like I said before I give you the green light to play ultimate forever (just remember to ask me down to watch your matches). And as your girlfriend, I am going to nag at you and ask you to study and stop skipping lessons! I miss you already and I love you from Singapore to Malaysia.


“Celebrate the people in your life who are there because they love you for no other reason than because you are YOU.”

~ Mandy Hale


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