Not – here not there

So now I have two options. A. Get real upset like I always do. Lament on how I think you made the wrong choice of liking the wrong person. Or perhaps go on and on and on about how incompetent you are. Or perhaps comment that you are expecting too much excitement and fun from […]

Two – cents worth

It is just argh. I do not get it. You do not ever EVER tell me anything EVER EVER EVER. Yes, I can read body language and tone pretty well but I am not a mind reader. I cannot always be guessing how you feel and what you want from me. Honestly, have you ever […]

Words – between our breaths

I have been wondering. In fact, it just hit me today that all we have been doing lately is argue about team stuffs and well train our asses off. I have been quite well upset about the fact that I do not get to spend enough time with you. But well, you never really seem […]

Angst – as usual

Mandatory late night or should I say early morning angst. Since everyone is asleep I guess my blog will have to do. I apologise in advance for the excessive use of vulgarities. It is just May way of letting off some steam. So here goes. Honestly, I am really tired of being so overly caring […]

Capacity – to manipulate

The person whom you love the most usually ends up being the one who hurts you the most. It is not really surprising actually. Because the people you trust the most are the people you open up to. And because they mean the most to you, things they say impact you the most. By loving […]

Flustered – mind

When will I ever understand that things cannot always go the way I want them to. Somethings are way beyond my control. Can I just hide at home and sulk now? I hate not being able to be myself. I hate putting up a facade. I hate being fake. I just want to go home.