All – of me

Listening to All Of Me by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling right now. So in love with his amazing voice (Wish I could sing like that, sobs.) and even more in love with her violin skills. Their talents aside, I am super duper in love with this song. It is so rare that I find a meaningful song nowadays.

Truthfully, this song particularly speaks to me because I really reminds me of him. Every time I feel incompetent and useless, he will always remind me that he still loves me. Every time I feel like I am such a screwed up kid, he will tell me that my imperfections does not matter to him.

I am really so so so blessed to have him here in my life. The countless number of times he has held me in his arms, telling me that it does not really bother him that I am not perfect and all he really wants is all of me – my flaws, my strengths, my everything. The numerous times he held me together when I was falling apart, never failing to tell me that we will get through this together. The infinite number of times he has placed me before himself.

If you ever happen to read this tonight or in class tomorrow, I know it has been quite shitty for you lately. I am sorry I cannot really do much to help you and, in fact, sorry for being such a burden. Just hope that you know that someone here actually appreciates what you have done for her. I hope that helps you to keep pushing on and not give up. I know I can be quite a handful but thanks for being so patient. To be honest, I never really knew how badly you wanted to make this work and last. I am more of the take it as it comes person. But there you are thinking about next time. The small small efforts you put in for us, is really quite sweet. How you put yourself through so much just so that your parents cannot use us as an excuse for bad grades or late nights. It has been tough on you. Thank you for letting me know how much I mean to you. I know I am very bad at telling you sweet stuffs face to face or through text because I am so used to teasing you. But every single word I type on my blog and every post about you, I mean them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for loving me.

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

~ Nicholas Sparks


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