Personal – goal

Oh gosh face palm. Why do I always let my anger get the better of me. Explode and regret. And when I look back, I think it is a super dumb reason to get angry. When will I ever learn?!

Having said that, I am so thankful I have friends who constantly remind me to chill and breathe. A big thank you because even I cannot stand myself but yet all of you still stick by me.

Anyway, in attempts to make their life a bit easier, I guess I really should make a conscious effort to chill and control my temper.

So here goes.

Note to self:
1. Stop – When you are about to explode, breath and control your anger.

2. Drop – Stop whatever you are doing and think of happy things. Yay!

3. Roll – Start rolling in the floor and be happy! Kidding. But really just roll along and go with the flow. Rationalise and take it in your stride.

*Especially when you are on field, cool it and just focus on the game. D up if you need to or get in position when on O. A miss is a miss. Do not let it affect you too much. Keep calm and play on.*

I really hope this will work out. My personal mission for the next two months. Ganbatte!


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