Not – here not there

So now I have two options.

A. Get real upset like I always do. Lament on how I think you made the wrong choice of liking the wrong person. Or perhaps go on and on and on about how incompetent you are. Or perhaps comment that you are expecting too much excitement and fun from this.

B. Or I can chill and (yet again) talk to you about this issue, in attempts to solve it. I can blatantly and honestly say everything and anything I feel about you and I. I can try to fix things.

Life is full of choices. And out choices are what determines the outcome of the situation. I can give up now. Having gone through so much crap in the past year, I really am done trying. But then again, that will be very unfair for you. I can try again, but I do not really know if it will make a difference.

I suppose it all boils down to how badly I want this to work out. Am I willing to give everything up again and call it quits? Or am I willing to talk to you a sort things out?

Right now, I am sitting in the fence.


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