What if everything is just me and my fantasy. That perhaps, once again, I am the one who is feeding myself with ideas. I thought I was part of something greater. I guess not. Maybe that’s why I always end up kicking people out of my life. Because I realise, I am not as important […]

Insomnia – I need sleep

Old habits die hard. Once again I am reverting back to my old habit of staying up late to study and sleeping my day away in school. I suppose it is somewhat good because I am actually spending time to study and all instead of heading to bed early. But then again, I rather have […]

Rest – is for the weak

Tired. Mentally exhausted. Tired. History is repeating again. Tried. Of being so irrational. Each night I am getting lesser and lesser sleep. No wonder I am falling asleep during lessons. I go to bed early but take forever to fall asleep. When I finally do, I wake up every now and then. What sleep. Tried. […]

Cry – me a river

Sigh. Can I just go to bed and cry my eye balls out? I really have no mood to do anything right now. I suck so badly at compartmentalising my emotions. Shame on me. Of all days why must I have homework today? Why why why? Why when I just wanna lie in bed and […]

Shush – now darling

Have I been putting you down so often that you feel so inadequate and short of my expectations? Maybe my expectations are really too high. It is only recently that I learnt time is really short. Both of are flooded with our own commitments so even though we see each other every single day, we […]

Neediness – too burden

I need to stop being so needy. I need to stop depending on you so much. I need to stop expecting you to have time for me. I need to stop waiting stupidly for your replies. I need to stop getting my hopes up that you’ll have time for me. I need to stop think […]