Shut – up and listen

So I will always be the kid who has issues. The one who needs help and cannot help. The one who everyone needs to look out for and protect.

I admit that I am, well, more problematic than others but this does not mean I am useless. Just because I cannot help myself does not mean I cannot help others.

Do you even know what I value? I value mutual support, trust and openness. I like to share about myself. Likewise, I wish for people to share too. Maybe I am expecting too much. But no relationship is one way. (At least that is what I believe in.)

To me, openness and communication means a lot. It just goes to show how comfortable you are with someone else. How willing you are to involve that person in your life. How you trust the person to be there to support you and encourage you.

Sharing is never a a sign of weakness. Nor is it a burden. I might overreact and get extremely worried but I never ever find other people’s problems a burden (well, unless I really really dislike you heh). I might be overly caring but I am slowly learning that not all things are within my control. I think I am getting better at drawing the line – knowing when I can help and when things are just beyond what I can do.

Even if I can do absolutely nothing to help, I still want to listen. I want to just sit there and listen to others rant. I want to know them better – what irritates them, what stressed them out, everything. By doing so, I know when to stop and not cross over the line.

Sharing means a whole lot to me. To me, it means that someone else is willing to involve me in his or her life. That the person values me enough to turn to me.

Ultimately, I am a useless xiao mei mei. I cannot do much for anyone. But I really do hope that the least I can do is just sit and listen.

Is that too much to ask for?


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