Everyone fails you at some point in time but that does not mean you should love them less. Everyone has their bad days. Maybe today it’s theirs. Heads up. Advertisements

Sail – away

I guess life isn’t always as smooth sailing as I would wish it to be. But it is definitely the people who make it more bearable and enjoyable. As you grow up, you soon realise who are the people who will stick by you and lift you up when you are down and out. I […]

Wipe – out

Drink. Drunk. Drink. Drunk. Drink. Drunk. Drink. Drunk. That is all I really want to do now. Wake me up from this crazy nightmare. I want to sleep and never wake up. To forget and never to remember. I do not even get why I always do this to myself. My mind is in such […]

Penny – for my thoughts

When the music plays in the background and I drown in my thoughts, my heart sinks. The problem lies with me. Remember how they always say that you need to learn to love yourself before you can to love others? They were right. I never really give this much thought because honestly, it is really […]

Slipped – by

Because I always put myself through all these unnecessary drama. When I refuse to say, you keep hounding me for answers. When I finally decide to say, you give up trying. When will I ever learn that no one owns a bloody mind reading machine so if I ever want you to know what is […]

Mental – self bashing

I swear I feel like a dumb dumb all the time. Sorry girl, ain’t nobody knows what is going on your fucking little mind unless you fucking open your fucking mouth. Unhappy but yet I refuse to admit it or explain my displeasure. Honestly, I thought I became more vocal but I guess a leopard […]

Correlation – drawing opinionated links

Just some fleeting thought I had on the way back home – what if this whole idea of expectations and fulfillment is some vicious cycle? Let me clarify myself. You have expectations for others because someone else fulfilled the same set of expectations before. No? Think about it. With each fulfilled expectation, you will grow […]