Correlation – drawing opinionated links

Just some fleeting thought I had on the way back home – what if this whole idea of expectations and fulfillment is some vicious cycle?

Let me clarify myself.

You have expectations for others because someone else fulfilled the same set of expectations before. No? Think about it. With each fulfilled expectation, you will grow to want more, desire more, expect more. That in itself raises the bar.

Perhaps it’s not others who fulfilled out expectations but you yourself. This is when people start wondering – if I can do it why can’t he?

I suppose we all have a certain standard we all wish to attain and wish others would achieve. But it seems to me that the bar is ever increasing, increasing exponentially in fact. Not until someone fails you. Or, better yet, you fail yourself (this doesn’t sound grammatically correct but meh).

Or many this just applies to me.

Trying my very best not to drag the past into the picture but, at times, I cannot help but look back and go – wow if only things were like that now.

The past is not something I can relive or replay so I guess I will have to make the best of what I have now.


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