Mental – self bashing

I swear I feel like a dumb dumb all the time. Sorry girl, ain’t nobody knows what is going on your fucking little mind unless you fucking open your fucking mouth.

Unhappy but yet I refuse to admit it or explain my displeasure.

Honestly, I thought I became more vocal but I guess a leopard will never change its spots. Let me emphasise – never ever ever ever change.

How in the world do people so openly and blatantly express their opinions without feeling awkward. I guess being the social dynamics whore I am, I am constantly fretting over being too direct such that it will create unnecessary unhappiness or tension.

Meh. Whatever. Some things are better kept to yourself.

On a small teeny tiny side note, it has come to my attention that I am most productive and focused on my revision when I am angry or upset (the unhappy upset – wait, being unhappy is being upset – I think you get my drift). When I absolutely cannot be bothered with anything but myself. Selfish huh. Just not in the mood for any social activities. I swear being an introvert at times can be so therapeutic.


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