Pseudo – Monday blues

What a way to start the day. Week in fact. I cannot even get simple things like getting timings right. And I didn’t even have the brains to clarify and ask. Dumbfounded by how everything unfolded. Even more so upset at myself. I know how it feels to look forward to something and not having […]

  “Oh lights go downIn the moment we’re lost and foundI just wanna be by your sideIf these wings could flyOh damn these wallsIn the moment we’re ten feet tallAnd how you told me after it allWe’d remember tonightFor the rest of our lives”   Dim those lights. I want not to see but to […]

Thoughts – in its purest form

Living in the ruins of what was before; Oblivious of the impact it has left on me. Vacantly staring at the seemingly perfect present, Intrigued by how everything still holds together. Nothing makes sense, it never does. Guess this is why I can never understanding the Meaning of this extraordinary Emotion. Isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Not – so significant after all

All the angst and nonchalance aside, it is good to reflect once every now and then. Rough patch. Tough times. It ain’t easy but I am still holding on. I guess in life you cannot have everything the way you want. You cannot have the cake or eat it. Sacrifices have to be made. Ultimately, […]

Where – my demons hide

I can never really grasp why I always end up hurting the people who love me the most and the people I love the most. Is there really no way for me to keep my demons inside? The monster that devours any optimistic soul and crushes whatever little hope there is. Someone send me back […]

Empty – void

The thing is……… What if the glass is not half full nor half empty? What if it’s just empty? Sigh, this overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. How do I even stay positive when I have nothing to worth being happy about?