Neck – to neck

Tick tock tick tock. We are all running out of time. As the days pass, the thought of having to sit for a major examination yet again becomes increasingly real. It seems as if I had just completed my Os a day ago and here I am preparing for my As. Time is running short […]

Barely – keeping up

This journey has been undoubtedly one of the toughest I have been though. It hurts. It really does. But sometimes, it seems inevitable. I have to go though this painful process of moulding myself into a better person. Bit by bit. Day by day. I learn so much about life, growing up, responsibilities. I hate […]

Daylight – nightmares

Jolted out of my sleep. Trembling in fear. Heart palpitating. Hands cold and clammy. Breaths shorten. I sit on my bed. And a sense of loss dawns on me. It feels as though something has been taken from me but I can’t quite put my finger on it. When nightmares turn into reality.

Subtle – little hints

Yet again I succumb to those wild thoughts that radiate in my mind. What if.. No what if… No no no what if… Countless insecurities that could use a little affirmation to put them back in place. Actions speak louder than words but words do speak multitudes too. Indeed, the gravity of words. iykwim

Heavy – weights

Everything is fine now. Or so it seems. The most natural thing to feel now would be peace and serenity. Yet why does my heart feel so heavy. There is an heavy and overarching gloom that falls on me. The air is dense and it presses down on my aching shoulders. Why is there so […]

Blessed – beyond blessed

It has been a rough day and the morning was really horrifyingly scary. Within a split second, I could have lost someone who means so much to me. Not going to think about it because the mere though of losing you scares the crap out of me. Then as the day progressed. I began to […]

Voices – screams and cries

When the night grows older And the silence falls all around you That is when you succumb to your thoughts and fears You pin those smiles on your face And act like you are fine But the dead of the night always gets the better of you Surrounded by nothing by silence No noise to […]

Tossed – back down

Thrown back down in a position where I have to one again pick myself up and move on. Honestly, I cannot blame anyone but myself. But then again, I am tired of the stupid blame game. Cross my heart I tired. Really hard I did. But I guess sometimes just trying isn’t good enough. Many […]

Messed – up life

And then I have so much to say. Really so much to say but all at the wrong times. When I want to say, no one is here. When I don’t, everyone keeps asking why. Why can’t I just get something right for once. Right now. I would love to pour out my heart to […]