Completely – moved


He did it again.

This is why I cannot stop falling in love over and over again with him.

4th August marks half a year with him. It has not always been as smooth sailing as I would have like it to be and admittedly I am always the one stirring up trouble. Despite all my childish antiques, he stuck by me and I am truly blessed by him.

So there I was exhilarated and so proud of myself that I finally remembered the date before he did. Who knew he had already teamed up with my close friend and planned a surprise. There he came crashing into my friend’s room while I was studying with her and gave me a huge hug. He then proceeded to ask me to close my eyes while attempted to put bracelet on my wrist. I was honestly afraid that he would do something embarrassingly stupid as he always does so I peaked. And there it was a very pretty bracelet on my wrist.

“The day you find the end of this symbol is the day my love for you dies.” Probably the cheesiest line he has ever said to me and sorry I cringed a little inside but it was sweet.

I was honestly really surprised and touched by all the effort he put in this small surprise. (I really love surprises.) It has been a while since I have felt so happy and I could not stop bobbing up and down. I could not stop smiling because this is the sweetest thing he has done for me. Thank you (all of you who were involved in this).

Tonight is no exception. I just feel so blessed to have him around. Tonight was a rather angsty night, full of rants. And once again, he was there to be my rant bucket and talk me out of it. Overwhelming thankfulness for his extraordinary patience with me. I salute his composure when I suddenly flare up or start ranting. Extremely extremely grateful that he has been so understanding especially when I am having a really bad day. Thank you for everything.


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