Coming – clean

Flooding my blog with all my unhappiness because I don’t want to go around ranting about my issues. Never really liked announcing to the whole world how I feel or what problems I am facing. Don’t really see a point on that. At best, I confide in my few (several) close friends. Once again, I […]

Escapism – and solidarity

I have been adopting a habit of reading lately, immersing myself in a world that is perhaps a little more carefree than the one that I am living in. I am throughly amazed at how even little novels or fantasies can provide me with that little bit of advice I need to get through tough […]

Window – of your soul

Gaze in the distance at the serenity. The water sits still, apart from the little ripples distorting the tiny light rays that fall on the surface. The wind lightly kissing your cheeks. The moonlight so frail falls gently on your hair. The noise around dissolves into the back of your mind. Take a deep breath. […]

Wits – end

The thing about life is that you can never have full control over everything. You can never make someone reply you when you want them to. You cannot make someone care about you when he or she doesn’t want to. You cannot alter anything such that it goes the way you want it. The only […]