Mother’s – love

Now, I truly understand why they say a mother’s love is like no other. I have not said this to her in a long time but I love you mum. I really do. My mum really means the world to me. I spent most of my childhood growing up with my grandma and mother. For […]

Unreachable – desires

And the only thing I wish for is for there to be no hatred, animosity or bad blood. I am not perfect. I did do you wrong. And I constantly live in fear that you hate me for what has happened. Honestly, it is taking a toll on me. So many times, when I bump […]

Relapse – reopened wounds

So much bottled in because I am afraid to share. Will I get judged. Will all I get is sympathy. Will they leave if they knew who I really am. Can someone see the struggles I go through without me having to explain. My lips are sealed tight for each time I explain, the wounds […]