Not – going back

There are things I no longer do. There are thoughts I no longer entertain. There are words I no longer speak. I am no longer who I used to be. Some nights, I wish she could come back. But most nights, I would rather she leave and never come back again. – Did I mention […]

The – island

For some weird reason I have a certain emotional attachment to this vigilante. Oh yes I do wish I was out fighting bad guys and bring justice to this cancerous world but I’m nothing but the ordinary. Nonetheless, the more human side of him is something I can identify with. Isolation and withdrawal by choice […]

My – crucifix

People ask me how I manage to detach myself from people so easily. It really isn’t that hard. It isn’t hard when the people closest to you force you to let go of them. – I have yet to cry since then and should anyone else leave, I probably wouldn’t either. Not that they are […]

Conflicted – undone

Why do this to me. I thought I had locked everything up. Build those walls so high nothing would break me. Yet again I grew soft. I knew I was right all these while. That what they say are merely judgements of their own. But to have confirmation, it an entirely different thing. I never […]