Quiet – birthdays

Oh so today is the big day, or so they say. But I don’t feel hyped up. Much less bothered bro it. Perhaps I am too tired from work. Or perhaps I am no longer mesmerized by surprises or celebrations. This year, I do not want anything elaborate or fanciful. Neither do I want a […]

Mortality – and death

I am not one who’s into politics or even bothered much about what’s happening in Singapore for that matter of fact. But the passing of Lee Kuan Yew feels rather surreal. To know that one of the key personals who built Singapore has passed on makes me feel rather uncertain about the future. Perhaps uncertain […]

Metamorphosis – into the unknown

They say that experience shapes and mold your values and opinions. Perhaps make you a stronger, better person. But the problem is, bad experiences can cloud your outlook on life. Turn you into a person full of hatred and resent. So I find myself at this crossroads again. Trying to figure out if I should […]

Silent – talkers

I love watching deaf and (or) mute people converse in sign language. They are probably the most expressive people I have ever met. Well, I guess they have to be since they cannot use tone variations to express how they feel. Rarely do I see so many facial expressions in a single conversation. Much less […]

New – beginnings

Good morning! Wow, one of the extremely rare moments when I am blogging in the morning (by that I mean when the sun is up and not some creepy hour in the early morning). Had a really good night with the small kid catching up and just lazying around (thanks dear that really made my […]

Nostalgia – humbling memories

I wonder what brings me here again, to a place of being real with myself. As I look though the yearbook, I cannot help but look back at the two years I have spent in that hell hole. Those two years were definitely the most challenging years of my life. Having been shove to the […]

Being – real

While the entire world is worrying, I cannot help but feel at peace. Extremely at peace. Those who know me can vouch to the fact that being calm and composed was never (and is never) who I am. I am always the first one to go into a fluster. The one who frets about the […]