New – beginnings


Good morning! Wow, one of the extremely rare moments when I am blogging in the morning (by that I mean when the sun is up and not some creepy hour in the early morning).

Had a really good night with the small kid catching up and just lazying around (thanks dear that really made my night). It really has been a while since we met up and had a nice heart to heart talk about random things. There was so much to share that we only ended at five in the morning (we should do this sometime soon with the rest).

And as usual the crazy me had a crazy idea to go for a morning run. I just couldn’t resist the urge to run when I smelt the fresh and rejuvenating morning air.

So there I was, out and about at six in the morning. The air was light and dreamy. Nothing like the air during other times of the day.

Running in the late morning is more of a chore than enjoyment. Having to beat the unforgiving heat of the sun at noon. The pressure is always on the complete the run before then. With each passing moment, the sun rises a little more and the heat sucks out every last bit of energy you have. Worst timing to run.

The mid afternoon us definitely a nono. That is when the sun is the brightest and the air is so still you feel like you’re a piece of meat running around, waiting to get grilled.

The evenings are fine, I guess. It can be cooling and cloudy and you could catch the sunset if you’re near the sea. But having said that, I don’t like how the air is so heavy in the evening. There’s the occasional breeze but the air on the streets are just too polluted with exhaust (I don’t exactly have a park near my house so my runs are usually along the streets). Every breathe you take is another mouthful of exhaust and like what you breathe in, you become exhausted very quickly. But I guess evenings are fine if you can find a nice park to run in.

The nights are my second most favourite timing to run (partially cause I’m a night owl). And by night I mean around eleven to twelve midnight. The dark of the night. I love running at night because the roads are so empty you rarely have to pay attention to traffic. But precisely because it’s the dark of the night, paying extra attention to your surroundings is rather important. I get super cautious and paranoid when I run through a quiet lane or slightly remote area. Hence, I really won’t recommend running at night unless you’re extreme familiar with the place or you have a plus one there with you *winks*. Or unless you’re as crazy as me, running to East Coast Park at midnight (never will I do that again, the walk home was painfully long).

But today I fell in love with the morning (I am really not quite the morning person). Running in the morning is, honestly, the best way to start your day. Stretching and taking a deep breath of fresh air before you head off for a run. Feeling more recharged with each click you complete. Observing how life unfolds in the morning. Magical.

The smell of dew, light and pleasing to the nose, nothing like the dense heavy air after a rain. Watching the neighbours take their dogs out. Fellow joggers clad in sports wear and plugged on to their music players (what a shame, the sounds of life are so much nicer than someone screaming into a microphone). Maids burning joss paper. (??) (I thought the family members are suppose to do it, I mean if I were the ghosts or ancestors I wouldn’t think the offerings are very sincere since the maid is the one doing it. Then again, I don’t know how all these things work.) The smell of various kinds of incense (Singapore is indeed multiracial). Old ladies making their way to the temple for prayers and to have their fortune read. Office lady stopping by the letter box to drop off her mail (she was having trouble finding that letter of hers in her seemingly large handbag). Shopkeepers preparing their stores. Adults hurrying across the streets, jay walking, presumably late for work. Glum school children exiting public buses, grumbling about the long school day ahead. Parents sending their children to school. Final words of encouragements and well wishes (I am guessing it’s exam week). Birds chirping and random insects that make ringing noises (interesting, I never heard some of them before). The sun peaking out from behind the trees. Retirees taking their morning walks. Housewives doing kickboxing or aerobics of some sort. Roads getting packed with more cars by the minute. Constructions worker exiting their dormitory and lining up by the road, waiting for their ride to work.

I fell in love with the air. The tinge of freshness and nature, as if I were trekking in the forests. It brings me back to my mountain trekking trip in Hong Kong a year back. But what captured my heart was that all these little things I observed indicated that a new day has begun. When life starts again. They are hints of a new beginning, a fresh start. And that very brief one hour run made me realise that what they say is indeed true – everyday is a new day.

Everyday is a new experience. Another chance to make things right. And if I were to stay in slumber and waste it away, I would be a fool.

May today be a better day for everyone.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.


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