Nightmares – of my past

I thought the past few years would break me and make me into a better person. It did break me but made me into someone I no longer can recognise. But then again, I still see that hint of weakness inside of me that I can never get rid off. That bit of me that […]

Half – a mind

If I were I guy, I’ll get a tat like the one above. Not exactly that pattern but in that position. I prefer something more tribal and less mechanical. Too bad I have boobs and that ain’t going to work out. I wouldn’t mind a sleeve or shoulder and back tat. But I will probably […]

Deceit – and cover ups

You can never really be okay, can you. When you’re down, you’re down. That’s self explanatory. When you’re up, you’re so weary of when you’ll go down. Everyone knows. You can’t stay up forever. And because of that constant worry, you never really get to enjoy yourself when you’re up. To live in the moment […]

Haters – gonna hate

As much as I have prepared myself for this, it still sucks hearing it. I just knew this would happened. But whatever, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. I shake it off, I shake it off. To put it in my friend’s words – I am going to chyuks it aside.

Tee – hee

I can’t stop smiling. I haven’t been this happy in a while. I am like a jellybean bouncing around. Like a party popper waiting to explode cutesy stuffs on everyone. God knows why I am so happy. Got a new job (yes that’s right man, no have no idea how happy I am). Satisfied my […]