Every – other night

Maybe we are all just rubber bands, taking it all in until we lose it and snap. Maybe we are like fragile snowflakes, that strive to make beautiful pieces of art but break with the slightest touch. Soon. Soon. I just know it will happen soon. Just too much weight. Just too much. Now will […]

The – greatest gift of all

  Remember how I use to say that I wouldn’t mind dying right now and that life is worthless? Well, I still think someone else can do greater things with the life I have than I can (if I could give it to them). But after everything that has happened recently, I have come to […]

Breaking – point

Beat at me down time and time after again. This time. I won’t let you win. Every time I draw nearer to Him, you come to steal kill and destroy. It is tough to receive three bad news within the span of one week. But today I just got reminded of God’s goodness. Yes, I […]

Inconsiderately – blind

   Never have I felt so filled with rage and anger at eight in the morning. Not only do I feel like punching someone. I want to shred her up into bits. How can people be so unaware? How can we be so disconnected with our surroundings? So it briefly goes like this. I was […]

Evil – and ruthless

I can never understand how bloody selfish and evil people can be. Call me naive and dumb but really, is there absolutely compassion at all? Steal a phone just to gain some few hundred bucks but put the victim though so much hassle and distress. Fine, perhaps you are poor as fuck. You need the […]