Every – little detail

   Every “did you know” was replied with a gentle and understanding “I know”. Each unspoken desire was returned with a need met. A single cheeky thought was matched with a “I know what you are thinking about”. The odd contours on my palm were no mystery. You knew them like an explorer knows his […]

Blue – and purple

It has been a while¬†since I felt this blue. The past few months have been nothing but red and yellow, red and yellow, Red and Yellow, and maybe a tinge of purple. It feels as if it is abnormal that I am this blue. As if I forgotten what it means to feel blue. What […]

Twice – shy

  The me many years ago would have jumped into it head first. Take a risk. Give it a chance. Live on the edge. But the me now wouldn’t even take a step forward. Don’t risk it. Keep it as it is. Play it safe. “The only limits in our lives are those we impose […]