Sell – this soul

Weird how we always go around asking for advice when all we need to do is decide.

It’s not as if we are completely clueless of what we want. We question. We ask. We deliberate. Just to seek some affirmation or some sort.
Truth is somewhere deep down we already know what we want. We know what’s best for yourselves.

Problem is, we are looking for a reason not to give it a shot. A reason to pin the blame on when things go wrong. A reason to run away from things we do not wish to face.

And in the end, what we put ourselves through is nights and nights of torment and distress. The constant deliberation of choices. Weighing of opportunity costs. The perpetual state of being so heavy hearted.

Why can’t we just decide and move on?

Don’t sell your soul to someone who simply doesn’t care.


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