Change – just because


It has been too long. Too long that I can’t remember when I last did something for myself.

You get defeated. Once twice thrice. And everything is not going your way. 

Most people would tell themselves to recover and try again. Some would die trying. Other would give up trying.

But I gave up before trying.

It is about time. Time to start trying.

Enough of feeling sorry for myself. Enough of feeling inadequate. Enough of feeling deserving of all these negative things.

I am capable of doing more. I am worth doing more. I am deserving of more.

So for the rest of the sem, I really do hope that I will get my shit together and try again. Because the only time you really fail is when you give up on yourself.

And the journey begins.

One day at a time.

Just hope I wouldn’t give up on myself again.


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