Managed – expectatios

Last night. This morning. Was magical. It was as if the past didn’t matter. Our debts were cleared. Our pain were forgotten. It was just you and me. That laugh I miss hearing. The subtle mocking that I didn’t mind. Losing myself in the comfortable silence is something I wouldn’t mind doing over and over […]

After – you

Maybe love just works like this. Maybe even after all these time, I will still miss running my hand through your hair. Leaning on your boney but broad frame will still be my favourite thing to do when I am with you. Tilting my head to your neck and catching a whiff of your shampoo. Head and […]

Dark – and twisted

It feels like I have been taken back in time. To the time when everything I slipped through my hands. I laid there watching familiarity fade into the distance. I inhaled once deeply. The scent that lingered around dissipated. I took a second breath. It wasn’t there. My trachea constricted and I gasped for air. Third. […]

Once – I was twenty

Once I was fifteen years old, I understood what it meant to go wild, be crazy and have fun. Once I was sixteen years old, I understood what it meant to fall in love and succeed in something you worked hard for. Once I was seventeen years old, I understood what it means to have […]

Dancing – on my own

  Three years was a long time. A time of learning to let go, move on and start over. To piece back what’s left and find yourself again. To get busy and occupied. To know that you’re doing just fine all alone. Three years was enough time. Enough to realise that through it all, the […]