Managed – expectatios


Last night. This morning. Was magical. It was as if the past didn’t matter. Our debts were cleared. Our pain were forgotten. It was just you and me.

That laugh I miss hearing. The subtle mocking that I didn’t mind. Losing myself in the comfortable silence is something I wouldn’t mind doing over and over again.

When we are open. Vulnerable. Raw. Real. Those are the moments that make me believe again. That after all these time, nothing has changed. It is like how they say in the movies. It was as if time stood still for that two hours. And nothing else mattered.

But amongst all the comfort and familiarity. We knew that when the morning comes, this moment will be nothing more than a memory. Something that will be forcefully tucked away in the deepest parts of our minds.

When the day comes, we find ourselves in place of recognition and defeat. Creating distance. Building walls. We crush every bit of hope and replace it with fear, confusion and “logical thinking”.

So I grew to hate these special moments with you. Because I knew that when goodbyes are said, everything will revert back to how it always has been. Cold. And. Distant.

And I could never understand why we play these games.


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