Dim – the lights


When people talk about love, they talk about the sparks that fly. The unquestionable chemistry. The moment they knew it was forever.

But no one ever talks about how fucking hard it is to stay in a relationship. Having to choose that same person day after day. On days he looks the best – hair comb, neat suit and a tie for bonus points. And on days he looks absolutely dreadful – old shirt, flipflops, unshaven and extra bad breath. And even on days you feel like tossing him out of the window because you’re so mad at him.

You wake up every single day. To the same man. And decide to be with him. You choose. Consciously. That he’s the one you want to spend your life with.

But what happens when you wake up to this same man. And you realise you can’t choose him anymore. You can’t bring him into your arms when he’s heavy hearted. You can’t look pass the disappointment, the anger, the helplessness and still love him. You can’t say it’s him anymore.

What happens when that day you can’t choose him. And don’t choose him. Comes.

One slip of the glass and this will be all over.


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