Unexplainable – sadness


Ask me to describe sadness.

And I’ll say I can’t.

Sadness isn’t the tears that stream down your face. It isn’t the cries of helplessness. It isn’t the pain you feel when your heart is broken into a million pieces. All these are nothing but manifestations of sadness.

Sadness stems from a place so far within. Lost. Forgotten. Hidden. Subtle like an ombré. The shades of happiness slowly sinks into a deep abyss.

It creeps in like the dark of the night. Unsuspecting and unprepared, it quickly engulfs the soul. Before you can grasp for air, it’s heaviness weights down on you. An air of oppression surrounds and you struggle to breathe.

Occassionally, when a ray of light cuts through the darkness, it scurries to hide. But the moment the ray flickers and dims, it follows closely behind. Every ready to extinguish the little joy there is.

Sadness is this incomprehensible feeling. Sombreness that digs inwards. To the very core of your being.


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