Remember – this


You are sitting on the swing this one fine night.

A clear night where the stars twinkle in harmony, as if grooving to Gwen Stefani. Watch the lightweight clouds drift by, ever so gently brushing against the deep blue sky.

This little game of hide and seek the stars play. Giggling as they hide behind the clouds, somewhere far far in the milky way. Let out a smile.

When the cool night breeze falls on you, take a deep breath. And let the deep of the night lift your emotional death.

As you sit under the dark starry sky and watch as time passes by.

As you find solace on this quiet night and hope that everything will be alright.

Remember this.

Remember that he constantly thinks about you.

He knew you had a long day and offered to pick you up from school. He didn’t mind that travelling to your place and back to his was an hour long journey. He didn’t expect you to laugh so hard at his terrible choice of clothes. But he was glad he made you laugh anyway. He held your hand as you nodded off in the car, catching a glimpse of his sleeping beauty every once in awhile. He was glad it was your hand he was holding. He felt blessed.

Remember that he puts up with your tantrums.

He knew when you are angry and didn’t mean what you say. He took in those hurtful words and still put up a smile. All because he knew those words did not come from you. He knew when you are under the weather and had little patience to spare. And yet each time you flared, he was always there. There to take you back in. Back into his forgiving embrace.

Remember that he always places you before himself.

He knew when you needed some company, especially when things got a little bit crazy. He did have stuff on his plate but always made time when you are in that sad dejected state. He would take the long route back, just so he could hold your hand. Sometimes sending you to the door even when he knew he was the home you were yearning for.

Remember that he is not perfect.

That he forgets to submit assignments and occasionally needs reminders. That he sometimes experience great distress because unable to express those emotions he feels deep within his chest. That he knows better to tell you the truth but lies in a moment of folly. And just when you think – oh my golly, he shows up at your place with nothing but an apology.

Remember that he tries his best.

That he is only human and will fall short. Short of expectations and unrealistic presumptions. That when words are inadequate, he will still try to communicate his care and concern. And at times when he can’t be there physically, he always tries to do something else in return.

And above all.

Remember that he loves you a lot.

That his heart does break when you feel like abandoning ship. But he never leaves because he knows what you have with him is more than platonic friendship. Push him hundreds of times away. And he will come back hundreds plus one times because he is here to stay. He knows crystal clear that you’re the one for him. And will patiently wait for the day you lose the disbelief.

Remember this.

Remember this on nights you are not feeling it.

Remember this on days you think he doesn’t care.

Remember this when your insecurities haunt you.




That these are the very reasons you fell in love with him in the first place.

And that he first loved you.


And I know these scars will bleed // But both of our hearts believe // All of these stars will guide us home


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